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USA Haidong Gumdo Training Seminar Fall 2014

1. Laurel, Maryland : 13th ~ 17th Oct. (Master Hyun Suk Lee)
2. Philadelphia, PA :  17th ~ 20th Oct. (Host by Master Frank Bergman)
3. Delaware :  20th ~ 22nd Oct. (Host by Master S. H. Yoon)
4. Bel Air, Maryland :  22nd ~ 24th Oct. (Host by Master Doo Hyun Chung)
5. Brentwood, NH : 24th ~ 27th April (Host by Master Kelly Hamel)
6. Minneapolis, Minnesota : 27th ~ 31st Oct. (Master Robert Frankovich)
7. Atlanta, Georgia : 31st Oct. ~ 3rd Nov. (Master Min Su Seo)
8. San Francisco, California : 3rd ~ 7th Nov. (Host by Master Y. J. Choi)
9. Salt Lake City, Utah : 7th ~ 12th Nov. (Host by Master Marshall Parnell)
10. Dallas, Texas : 12th ~ 18th Nov. (Master Julian Vasquez)

Masters Training/ New Masters Candidates/ Masters and Student Black Belt Test/ Masters Meeting/ Visit School/ Student Seminar / Meeting with other Martial Arts Masters


Anyone interested in checking out Korean Swordsmanship for their school, please contact one of the above hosts.




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