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Rocky Mountain Taekwondo Retreat

July 17th - July 20th  2014
Carbondale, Colorado

Located deep in the Rocky Mountains at 6,100 ft this small Colorado town, surrounded by 14,000 ft peaks, offers beauty and a diversity of activities; hiking, rafting, mountain biking, and more!

Join us for a 3 day intensive of Martial Arts with an emphasis on Taekwondo. Participants will learn techniques to advance, add to, round out and diversify their Taekwondo experience. This is a retreat to provide an expanded experience of TKD, beyond sport, bringing together body, mind, & spirit. 

Topics include: Coming back to our TKD roots with Traditional Training Techniques, Refining Poomse, Competition Training Tools, Forms as a Meditation, Ki Breathing and more. This weekend event will provide an opportunity to Strengthen Body, Mind & Spirit with a combination of gym training & nature’s mountain dojang. Event cost only $165  

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