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Grandmaster D. McHenry  

USA and Middle America
Haidong Gumdo Training Seminar

1. San Francisco, California : 
30th March ~ 2nd April (Host by Master Y. J. Choi) 
2. Phoenix, Arizona : 
3rd ~ 7th April (Host by Master James Allen)

3. Panama City, Panama : 
8th ~ 12nd April (Host by Master Varo Barragan)
4. Laurel, Maryland : 
13rd ~ 16th April (Host by Master Hyun Suk Lee)

5. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania : 
17th ~ 19th April (Host by Master Frank Bergman)

6. Buffalo, New York :
20th ~ 23rd April (Host by Grand Master Sun Chung)

7. Atlanta, Georgia : 
24th ~ 26th April (Host by Master Min Su Seo)
8. Minneapolis, Minnesota : 
27th ~ 30th April (Host by Master Robert Frankovich)
9. Dallas(McKinney), Texas : 
1st ~ 6th May (Host by Master Julian Vasquez)

Headmaster Jeong Woo Kim
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